About this Blog

Thanks for stopping by… The World is your oyster!!!  Turned in my Chef’s toque for flip flops! And now I travel, travel, travel and get to see all the world has to offer!

I wrote this blog to stay connected with friends and clients and share industry related news.  I am Blogging/Vlogging my travel experiences/foodie fun, and offer tips and advice.  Check out the recipe vault, culinary flicks, the “national day of”- calendar, vacation videos, bucket list stuff, hostel the world and travel tips.  Need to book travel, look under travel inquires and you can go to the Cancun page and enter to get a Cancun voucher. All of these pages at the top of this blog! Testimonials and Web Show coming  soon!

I look forward to networking with you and building our professional business network together. I would love to have you in my sphere of influence community!

Please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do to be of  assistance. I also look forward to reading your blog(s) and staying connected.   Email me at bucketlistandbarefoot@gmail.com

~ ~ ~

me vegas pool



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