How to Make your Bucket List

To have a life of abundance: Be happy with what you got and start creating a legacy.
Some items featured in the movie- The Bucketlist.
Witness something truly majestic, help a complete stranger for a common good, laugh till I cry, drive a Shelby
Mustang, get a Tattoo, Go Skydiving, See the Pyramids, Victoria falls, Take a Safari…
Here is some suggestions for creating and managing your Bucket List and making it happen!

Download Here-How to Bucket List
1. Have a variation of Bucket List Goals:
Don’t Just have one type of bucket list, like travel!
Create a vision board of what you want on your bucket list: Life, Relationship, Hobbies, Travel and Career.
2. Write your List:
Start marking off your list by doing weekend adventures.
Do things you can do on a Weekend to start!
Review your bucket list items frequently to make sure you still want to accomplish them! Get a couple
friends to be your Bucket list accountability Partners!
When making your Travel Bucket List write a detailed itinerary of bucket list within that bucket list!
Find a “before I die Wall” worldwide at and purchase the book through the website!
3. Set dates to our Bucket List Goals:
Make a plan, write it down and verbalize it out loud. Have some accountability partners to help you
achieve them!
4. Find a way to have the money no matter –Your Finances:
Open a savings account specific for Travel!
Have your banker make a deposit of $____ into your savings on a specific date.
Short on finances for some of your bucket list items? Remove some of those spending habits. Like less
Starbucks, less golfing and less going out!
5. Find a app to log your Bucket List: is a great resource to help keep yourself accountable to mark more of your bucket list!
I enjoy using the “Dream Trips” App- I get to book travel, log in my list and meet other bucketlsters!

bucketlist coach feet
The Bucket List Coach


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