Love for the Ocean-Never ends!

surf now quote

Surfers and lovers of surf have a connection of no other!  So excited to be meeting my online buddies from the Surfing Arena in person this year.  Joshua, Ron, Brad, Sharon and Juan.  Huntington Beach is one of my favorites places next to Santa Cruz. Getting on the bucket list is Indonesia, Tahiti, Hawaii and Puerto Escondido. It would be awesome to plan a group trip!  For now Huntington and Ensenada will be our meeting place. Very excited about celebrating my 51st Bday at the Vans US Open! Another memorable July 29th!                  Check Out Yah Global for more!

yah global surfPhoto Credit: Yah Global

One of my favorite quotes is this from Kelly Slater! Stay tuned for my blog post on a surfers way of living and staying in shape the healthy way!   I’m starting my new lifestyle=)

kelly slater

More amazing quotes…

“Thank God for a few free waves.”
Miki Dora

“There is not one right way to ride a wave.”
Jamie O’Brien

Go to surfer today read full list

Check back later for my full list of the gotta watch surfing movies to add to your movie bucketlist!

The Ocean is very intoxicating and will give you the most euphoric feeling you will ever have. This year I will mark off my move to So California to be closer to the beach.  Living  100 miles from the beach wont work any longer! Ive had love for the Ocean since I was 17. I was soo crazy in love with it i would drive every Saturday and Sunday.

Now at almost 51 years young I’m ready to take on the craft of being a surfer! A grom a little late but never too late to surf!

Happy Surfing!

Cindy- The Bucket List Coach









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