We are not working to pay bills and die!!



Not us…..We are here to create peak experiences not work for 40+ years with no priceless memories. In 2015, I turned 50 and decided I do not want to live the life my parents did. Work work work, then in the 60’s and 70’s and regretful missing out on all the world has to offer. The biggest want that stands out in my mind is getting world schooled. My sibling and I never got to experience traveling the globe. We took a few camping trips but never got to experience outside the US! There is so much history around the world!  Are you a parent of young children and are always making excuses you don’t have time or money to “world school” your kids? It’s time to create a vacation fund to start creating those memories.

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Another wake up call. A few days back I was visiting my aunt at the convalescent home and it breaks my heart that she has lived such a hard life and now at 87 years old she is at a very fragile state. On the flip side there are several members of my travel club in their 90’s-They are living-living right?  19 or 90 you are never to old to travel!

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Since I joined the lifestyle club almost 4 years ago,  I have found the solution for people to save money. Not only do I get rewarded to travel the world, I have found a way to save my own money for upcoming trips!

travel perks piggy

Here is how I do it: (1) I log onto my travel club website (2) Pull out my credit card and deposit x amount of $$ from each pay check (3) BOOM- now there is a way to save money without spending it on other things!

  *When I save money into my bank savings account I tend to slip and pay on other things*  But dropping into my club vacation piggy bank, the $$$ only goes to any travel I desire not material things to buy!

We all don’t want to be 80+ years old and on our death bed-so just go for it and start living! No excuses- Don’t say “you don’t have the money” because you do. It needs to be a priority!!!! Mortgage, groceries, car insurance, property insurance and travel is mandatory on the household budget!

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By the way, are you with a significant other and they don’t have any desires to travel? Then time for “hasta la vista baby”, start a new chapter and start creating a legacy! You should not be missing on the joys of life and getting world schooled!

Happy Wanderlusting!

Cindy~The Bucket List Coach- Book at 916 869 2049 bucketlistandbarefoot@gmail.com=)


5 responses to “We are not working to pay bills and die!!

  1. The biggest reason to travel should be to just deeply engage with a place! 🙂 Wrote about something recently.. on why the destination has to be felt deeply before and during, for the travel to be real..


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