Twin Flame Life- Live it or move on!

Today is not only Valentines day It’s Twin Flame day LOL…

TWIN FLAME LIFE: My take on dating the twin flame!

hearts beach pink

(1) You will know it! You should never be with someone who does not value you! Life is too short and you only live once! And for sure it’s a deal breaker if the person you are dating doesn’t want to be world schooled around the globe! Travel and experience the world!

(2) Compliment each other daily.

(3) You have an overwhelming amount of love and attraction.

(4) Write your boundaries on a piece of paper. There is no such thing as a big fight!!! Once you realize you are getting upset-you STOP immediately.  You want to create boundaries and never cross them!

(5)  Dating your twin flame means you will continue the relationship as it was in the beginning.  Life may get different after dating awhile so find things to do to keep the “Love fire” igniting! Continue to have the utmost respect=) never talk down or call that person foul names. If your relationship has come to this, it’s time to trade in for another model LOL!

Happy Valentines Day-2016

Cindy-Bucket List Coach



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