Flip Flop Life

flip flop blc


My next memories in my flops will be more time in Baja and my first trip to Puerto Escondidio to check out one of the best surf breaks on the planet!  Wanderlust life! Just fulfilling as much of the bucket list as possible and create those peak experiences- Way more important than things is your best Flop Flop memories. The best is sharing memories with my vacation buddies, my times Cruising with Carnival meeting new friends and spending time with Orphans of Baja in Ensenada and Puerto Vallarta!

I have always had the Vitamin Sea in my heart… There is something the Ocean does to your entire body that put you in a euphoric state. Hearing those waves crash against the beach will make you in the happiness state of mind. Today’s I am Statement- “I am enjoying the life of a OC beach Bum”…. Stoked about the Vans US Open for my 51st Birthday!

Being 3-4 hours from the beach is way too far. When I turned 50 last year, I made it a goal for this year to be the year I am making my Move to the beach of the OC. It’s not just being closer to the ocean, it’s being around people who are more “Kicked back” and have an abundance mindset!    And the thought of having access to the beach daily- lowers my blood pressure=)

Last week I began getting all my boxes and ready to pack… And when I am ready to make the move to my next home-it will be simplified!

I continue to recite my affirmations in the morning when I wake, and in  the evening when I go to bed. What you put out to the Universe you will receive back!

Looking forward to hanging out with my Flip Flop Sistas and Brothers!

Keep calm and get some beach time-Cindy “The Bucket List Coach”







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