Food Porn (Old Coffee Pot) Nola

(Big 50-Big Easy~ July 2015)

LIFE IS TO SHORT NOT TO VACATION BABY! No more excuses-just go and create a legacy! Better to spend money on creating a life long list of bucketlisting!

Cool video with the Chef for the “The Old Coffee Pot”-And look at the goofball who photo bombed my interview! From Chef to Professional Tourist!

tripl3 d nola special           Diners Drive Ins Dives Special..Jambalaya, green bean casserole and Fleur de Chicken.

I am making my mark in the world!  Soo many activities on my trip to Nola with my travel club buddies! The Big 50 in the Big Easy was soo memorable!  A little behind on all my blog posts from my 2015 vacays. Come back later this week to see more! Follow me on YouTube!


IN 2015 turning 50 was the most Epic year of my life. Now moving forward I am on a 40 year bucket list. How many bucketlist spots will I hit by age 90? You want to create things in your life that are fun-Memories are priceless!

See you at one of the beaches or foodie spits of the world!  Cindy- Bucket List Coach

Book travel at  916 869 2049





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