Why Surfing is good for your health!

I can’t explain it- but something about Vitamin Sea that puts a chill up your back. It’s the biggest feeling of euphoria you will ever feel. Just like a rock star playing an amazing concert or eating some food porn from a very talented chef, surfing will put in a very euphoric state!  As far as staying in shape-the paddling alone will rock your Bod!

A few weeks back I had the pleasure to watch this surfing workout and today seen this cool article that my surfer friend Brad Thompson shared on Facebook!

surf stronger

Check out Surf Stronger on Netflix: Rent on Netflix-A must see video

surferr pic credit

(Credit by SurferToday.com –Words by Helen Barber.)

So how does surfing keep you healthy? Surfing is a particularly good way to keep fit because it is such a complete sport. When you surf, you work out all of your major muscle groups.

Your shoulders and upper body get their workout while you’re paddling, while your legs get their turn while you are balancing and guiding your board; your core muscles are working hard throughout.

Surfing is also a vigorous cardiovascular workout, helping to improve your overall health condition and protect your heart. We should all be aiming for at least two hours and a half of aerobic activity every week, and surfing can contribute towards this goal. Read more here! at Surfertoday.com

Have an amazing day- and get some surf on!  Cindy Bucket List Coach









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