Dreaming of Living by The Ocean #VitaminSeaLife

Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to live close to the beach.  Something about being at the beach that gives me a feeling of Euphoria.  For the last 3 years, it has been in my heart more, since being involved in my amazing travel club-travel business.  And over the last 4 months since spending more time at the beach its just too hard to live inland.

beach life kid beach she beach sandbeach no regret

And now that my business is rocking and rolling in South California, the plan is to move to the OC sometime in 2016!  OMG and my friends sending me daily pics of the Huntington Beach pier has not helped… Makes me want to move there and I truly believe the universe is saying where I need to have my next place, would you agree?

YOLO: You only live once. Im going for it and making this dream a realty, no doubt!

Im thinking Long Beach would be a cool place to live being it is close to where the Cruise-line docks!

Never give up on what you believe in… Create I am statements- and you can make anything a realty!!!

Cindy~ Bucket List Coach


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