Why Vacation Matters

The numbers are staggering. A Harris Interactive survey of 3,000 workers showed that American employees take only 51% of their vacation time yearly, and 61% work while on vacation despite complaints from their loved ones. Another study of 2,003 workers by travel media company Skift indicated that only 16% will take a long vacation over the summer. A full 62% said they wouldn’t take a vacation over this summer at all.

It’s clear: Americans stubbornly prioritize the meaning of work over the value of play — despite the (mounting) scientific evidence that vacation travel not only increases productivity in the workplace, but provides a lasting sense of happiness and promotes better human relationships.  Read more on Linked in Pulse

Soo many of us just don’t even take time off- always making excuses.  More vacation helps your relationships, makes you happier and the more you vacation the healthier you are!  And the best thing you can do moving forward in your life,  is to move closer to the Vitamin Sea- so you have opportunity to spend more time at the beach ( Best Escape anyone Can have)

Living inland just doesn’t give you the same feeling! How often to you get ocean therapy?

HB feetThere is something about being around the beach and Ocean… It does something to your entire body that puts you in a state of ecstasy! 

Cindy- Bucket List Coach


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