Celebrating my 50th in Lauderdale: VitiminSea

No Alarm clicks no traffic jams! I arrived in Lauderdale last night and got to sleep in this morning..

lauderdale feer towel lauderdale feet

What a great feeling!  Hung out at the beach this afternoon then back to the Hostel to hang out and meet a few Wanderluster World Travelers! Tomorrow I get to interview the owner of the Hostel to learn more about this industry further. As well as interviewing a guest who will be talking to me about the culture in his region in Brazil… How exciting right.


Hostel Hotel Deauville Website here… Room was the most cleanliest Hostel I have ever stayed at. I will for sure bring my friends here!

Then tomorrow, I get to partake in some deep Sea Fishing with Fishing Headquarters! Would be cool to catch some fish and have them for a tasty culinary treat. After-all all its National Culinary Month!

lauderdale beach sign lauderdale sexy me

I just soo love warm water ocean…. Makes vacation soo much more amazing!

ocean lauderdale

See ya at one of the beaches of the world… Cindy Bucket List Coach


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