Happy National Nude Day! It’s time to get naked, America

National Nude Day! It’s Time to Get Naked, America!
nude day pic

It’s time to put on your birthday suit, America! July 14 is National Nude Day. For all those who love to strut their stuff, an entire week is dedicated to being nude – during the annual Nude Recreation Week. This annual event, which began in 1976, celebrates “naturism around the world and an opportunity to encourage first-timers to enjoy clothes-free relaxation.

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Are you comfortable being naked?  I am somewhat shy getting in my birthday suit on a nude beach. It will be a challenge for me- but gotta try it at least once in my lifetime- during my 40 year long Bucket List!
While on vacation in 2006, I stumbled upon “A Black sand beach” while checking out the Road To Hana in Maui.
The friends I was traveling with were really embarrassed being around others who were naked. We were the only ones on the beach with clothes on- but it sure is a funny vacation story. Especially the senior who was strutting around the beach- I will forever have that memory.  OMG!!!!! Every time I think of it I cant stop laughing.

Have fun today!- Cindy Bucket List Coach


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