Time to have a #WholeVacation- Kid President

I talk about this all the time… How important it is to create memories and a legacy with your kiddos.

kid pres vacay

You want to create memories and never again should you make excuses like you do not have the money or the time. It’s all about making it a priority!
Ready to bucket list with the kids- I got some cool ideas! Connect with me at 916 869 2049 bucketlistandbarefoot@gmail.com

Check out this cool video for “Kid President”=) Happy Bucket Listing- Cindy Bucket List Coach

Kid President is a little perturbed with you parents and your halfhearted vacations where you leave one part of your brain back at work. According to the Kid Commander-in-Chief, it’s time to enjoy the whole enchilada.

Today.com spotted the one video you must heed this summer, featuring Robbie Novak who is more widely known as Kid President.

The message is really quite simple: Spend time with your family in the next couple of months.

However, there is an important caveat that you might agree is crucial to garnering lifetime memories. When you decide to take you vacation, leave all other worries behind and savor every last moment with your loved ones.

This video is sponsored by HomeAway – a brand that believes in the importance of disconnecting from everyday life and spending vacation time reconnecting with those you love the most –ideas that SoulPancake and Kid President also want to celebrate!


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