Fast Friday at Auburn Motor Cycle Speedway

Wow, what a great time… First time at this motor speedway.

fast friday 1

Go to see some kiddos and adults get their race on! And got a chance to make someone’s day!  What a great feeling it is to blow people away on ‪#PayitforwardFriday‬….

fast friday 2While in line at the Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway on 3rd of July, we gave the guy behind us $10 bill to buy a beer. He was blown away and had no idea how the ‪#‎Payitforward‬ concept works. We told him just perform a ‪#‎randomactofkindness‬ back to someone else… It will for sure be the most memorial ‪#‎4thofJuly‬ weekend of his life:)

fast friday 4

fast friday 3 LOL… But got to find a camera with fast film… The guys racing in this pic, a big streak… hahaha!

Counting the days until we go back!

Keep calm- and get your bucket list on! Cindy-Bucket List Coach

fast friday 5


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