Big-Wave Boot Camp- Become a better surfer!

Being that I have surfing on my #Bucketlist… For sure need to add this place on the list of things to do!

Cindy- Bucket List Coach

1. Although some people naturally have higher lung capacity, anyone can improve their own through breathing exercises. Just take it slow, because passing out really sucks.

2. For reasons unknown, Taylor Knox can hold his breath longer while being jostled, jabbed, and punched underwater than when sitting still. “Getting tumbled around just feels more natural to me,” he explains. “I don’t spend much time in pools.”

3. If your face breaks the water’s surface while you are on your back, you instinctively exhale. This is beyond your control.

4. No one is actually expected to complete every exercise in the Waterman Survival course. “Not on their first attempt, at least,” says Lozano. “We set high goals that our students have to work toward. I’ve trained Navy SEALs who couldn’t complete some of these exercises.”

5. Before going under a big wave, remain calm and take as many successive deep breaths as possible before diving. This will maximize the oxygen content of your blood in the event of a long hold-down.

 wave classWelcome, ladies and gentleman, to big-wave boot camp. Photo: Glaser

The Salvation Army Aquatics Center in San Diego is hardly synonymous with big-wave surfing. It’s the kind of community pool where you’d normally find lap swimming and water aerobics. But on this particular day, alongside the elderly women engaged in AquaZumba, an entirely different kind of class was taking place.
wave class 2
It was a Waterman Survival course, developed for the specific purpose of helping surfers prepare for life-threatening situations. AquaZumba this was not.

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