15 Sharks swimming off Aptos: June 2015

sharks(Spotted near the Santa Cruz-Cement Ship)

APTOS >> Following shark sightings that cut short a junior lifeguards competition at Seacliff State Beach on Thursday, more sharks were spotted off the same beach Monday.

A Specialized Helicopter crew spotted at least 12 sharks near the Cement Ship and posted about them on Twitter and Facebook about 2 p.m. Monday. Last week, Specialized chief pilot Chris Gularte said he saw about 13 sharks from 8 feet to 12 feet long and two more sharks longer than 15 feet northwest of the ship.

Click here to read more! santacruzsentinel.com

Do you plan on heading down to Santa Cruz Area for the 4th Of July Holiday?  Seems that these Great Whites are here due to the warmer climate, shifting currents or perhaps a food source.

It’s still on my bucket list to learn to swim and surf… Will have to just be careful until it is safe to get back in the water!

Have a safe 4th Of July- Cindy- Bucket List Coach


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