#SmileBack #SmDay (Social Media Day) Are you smiling daily? Social Experiment=)

smile you

How ironic I just happened to hear about smiling on the TV and how it makes you happier and healthier!! Seen this piece on “Smiling Back” on today’s show of “The Doctors”. 

smilingOn a daily basis I smile at everyone I meet?  As a matter of fact I even say Hi to every one I meet. Its’ amazing how many people don’t return the smile!  Make it a practice in your life. You never know what kind of day people are having- so just smile to everyone you meet!

My hour of power consists of:

(1) A nice morning walk with incantations

(2) Writing down and reciting the 5- 10 ten things you are grateful for

(3) Exercise/working out

(4) Making phone calls of appreciation

(5) Repeat daily

Attitude of gratitude:

To show more gratitude to people in my life I send greeting cards just because…Nothing like a real card-it means soo much to the person opening it up! Today I sent 8 cards!!!

Pay It Forward Friday: Did you know today is Social Media Day:

Every Friday I head to Starbucks and buy the person behind me coffee or special gift card from a restaurant to a random business or social media friend. Today I’m sending random Facebook friends a card!

Make a difference in others lives… Learn all about creating the life you always wanted at one of my work shops!

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