Sun Glasses Day Celebration: Weekend at 36 Oaks Country Retreat=)

sunglasses day 2What a great way to celebrate National Sun-Glasses Day on Saturday and R & R on Sunday Fun Day!  I just love my fun filled life… Nothing like having a weekend of food porn and earth porn!

Saturday: Some pool time at the 36 Oaks Retreat and gave me some ideas for when I own my own Retreat by the sea!  #Befearless 40 year #Bucketlist “Can’t is not in my Vocab!!! ” Do something every day that scares you”! Lets see where I will go from age 50 to 90? The world is my oyster!

It was pretty scary getting in the water and getting comfortable swimming, but I can do this!!!!  Gotta scuba dive, snorkel and surf.  #KeepCalmgetswimon…Lots of kicking and paddling yesterday!!!

Must say- hanging out on a hammock is always a joy!sunglasses day 1 sunglasses day 7 swim in pool

sunglasses day 6 swim onsunglasses day 8 pool area

A perfect ending to an amazing day of fun! Great concert by the “Silverback Band” (check out the next post for a series of videos on their performance yesterday!

sunglasses pancakes dual

Sunday: Enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and a very satisfying breakfast with Gluten free pancakes along with fresh watermelon and cantaloupe… And I am not a coffee person, but it sure was amazing!

And a lovely massage to end a perfect weekend! Doesn’t get any better than that! Living life not existing!

“Deep Tissue”PLEASE! Deep tissue please! Thanks Linda and staff! I feel amazing!!!  Massage should for sure, be a part of the monthly budget.

sunglasses day 10 massage

sunglasses day spa sign

Just stayin! Better to spend money on a nice relaxing message then a monthly tab at Starbucks!!!

sunglasses day 3 mural outA gorgeous courtyard!!!!!!! What amazing Earth porn right?

Done by an amazing and talented artist..

We will for sure make it a habit to come here over and over and over again!

Nothing like living a life of abundance and being around nature is just like being around Vitamin Sea!

sunglasses day 4 mural bathroom

WOW!! Also same artist- got his talent on…. nicely done art work behind the tub=) (in the guest bathroom)

Had an amazing shower-feels good to take a cold shower on a hot and humid day!sunglasses day 13 bathroom

sunglasses day 14 bench by selfsunglasses day 15 multi benches

A very comfortable resting room!!!! A little nap after a massage always makes life 100% better!

Nothing like taking a day and have pure “Rejuvenation”

sunglasses day 17 resting room

sunglasses day 18 flops wv towel  sunglasses day bird paradise

Come back for more videos!!!! And next post will be some performance from “Silver Back ” band!

See you soon at one of the beaches or bucket list destinations of the world!—Like to bucket list with us?

I can be reached at 916 869 2049- Cindy Bucket List Coach


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