#NationalCameraDay: Pay it Forward to Neil Simmons

“Art photography has always been at the core of my interests, and is a great source of inspiration for me. When the wedding season slows down here in Santa Cruz, I make a point of traveling to places I want to explore (such as Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Bryce Canyon, Arches Monument and Zion, for starters) in order to experiment with new photographic techniques. Not only does this help to keep my skills sharp and my eye attuned to the nuances of light, but it also provides me with material for my collection of fine art photographs. I hope that you enjoy my work.”photographer santa cruz

Photo Credit: Sandy Pavel

Favorite photography from Neil:neil simmons sescapes studioMake sure to visit his studio!

747 41st Ave. Suite F | Santa Cruz, CA 95062 • 831.429.5512

neil simmons capitola

I really really really want this one! Just love Capitola By the Sea! The colors on this are gorgeous!

In honor of National Camera day I would like to pay it forward to Neil Simmons of Santa Cruz, Ca. Brian and I met him a few weeks back while on Surfcay in Santa Cruz at Pleasures Point!

You will love his Seascapes pictures… Very much earth porn! big sur VIEW MORE AND PURCHASE HERE!!! OMG

About Neil:

Neil Simmons is a photographer with a flair for life that shows up in his work. With a background in both business and photography (as a double-major at San Jose State University), fueled by a true affinity for the art of making pictures, Simmons exemplifies what it means to be a risen star in the field of professional photography. Raised in Santa Cruz County, Simmons lives close to many of his favorite photogenic spots, but he also makes a point of traveling to study other parts of California and the West, enjoying the challenge of getting the shots he wants while on the road. The world around him, shimmering and rippling with ever-changing light, provides Simmons with the materials he needs to be inspired and productive. An avid surfer and snowboarder, Simmons enjoys being out in natural settings sharing the activities he loves most with his wife and two children. Read more here!!

The world is your oyster-take more pictures!  Brain and I look forward to heading back to the studio.              Take the time to make a visit to his studio! Cindy Bucket List Coach


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