My 40 year Bucket List #Bucketlistlife

As I am approaching my 50th Birthday, on July 29th of this year I am now partaking in the wanderlust- mid life crisis.  For most people, its a negative ordeal. But not for me it’s a very positive one.

Growing up I really never got to see all the world has to offer. Although I wished as growing up, I was “World Schooled”- the time is now to create memories that will last a lifetime.

In a month the 50th festivities begin… July 24-26 Fun in Dillon Beach and Lagunitas brewery and restaurant, July 27-30 Ft- Lauderdale for Deep Sea Fishing,  July 27-30-Nola New Orleans (Photo Opp at the before I die wall, ghost tour, food tour,natchez lunch cruise, satchmo festival and boys girls club voluntour)

My brother and I have some great memories including “roughing it” camping and several vacations here in California.  But we never got to experience amazing vacations that left a chill from your head to toes.  In August, I will be meeting him in Huntington Beach to celebrate my Birthday… So excited to share our love for the Vitamin Sea with my bro, my bf and my LA peeps!  While in the area will get to partake in a dream court.  Los Angeles Dream Court- give back on vacay  Doesn’t get any better than that!

And later this year in December: I will be talking a ladies cruise to Bahamas Dec 4-7 (Paid for with travel dollars from my travel club) then myself and the bf off to Hawaii Dec 8-15th to check out the food porn and earth porn of Oahu and the Billibong masters surfing competition! Of course gotta hop to the big island to visit my chef mentor…from back in my culinarian days!

See my bucket lists: Culinary, Places To Dine, Voluntours and 40 year Bucket ListCapitola june standing

Hope to see you at one of the beaches and bucket list destinations of of the word!

Cindy- Bucket List Coach


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