#VitaminSea Dillon Beach- Marin County #NationalCampingMonth

About Dillon Beach: Located in Marin County, California, United States. Dillon Beach is located 3.25 miles west of Tomales, at an elevation of 89 feet. Check on Surf Line

If you think tiny Tomales, in the northwest corner of Marin County, is a bit out of the way—consider Dillon Beach. When you are in Dillon Beach, Tomales is “in town.” Here’s the deal: Go north on Highway 101 to Petaluma, turn off on East Washington and go west 20 miles into downtown Tomales, then left again on Dillon Beach Road and 20 minutes later, viola, you’re in Dillon Beach.

Fair warning: your choices will be limited. For firewood, cases of Bud Light, funny T-shirts and Styrofoam surfboards, there’s the Dillon Beach General Store. For good food—breakfast, lunch or dinner—there’s the Dillon Beach Cafe. And for a cozy place to stay—like a cabin for a night, the weekend or even a month. Read more on Marin Magazine

blog hilary

Picture taken at Hilarys blog…Follow her blog=) Read more on Lawson’s Landing….

While in the area- gotta make it a campcation… Try Lawson’s Landing- see rates 



If you are a beer lover like me… You love Lagunitas…

Check out some upcoming gatherings at Lagunitas Petaluma.. Click here to Map it!!

Whats your favorite? https://lagunitas.com/beers

Oh ya, almost forgot…. Cant head to the Marin Coast without Hog Island!

oyster porn

  Thanks to Novato Television for putting this vid together!!!

Vist the website >https://hogislandoysters.com/visit/marshall  The restaurant in the Ferry Building-San Francisco is pretty amazing Food Porn! Just sayin=)

By far the best taffy on the planet!  Soo don’t forget to take a short drive to Bodega Bay at buy some tasty Taffy at Patrick’s of Bodega bay!

LOL Throwback to 2013… Thank you card for the gals I went to Boedga with:)thanks taffy


See you at one of the beaches of the world! Cindy- Bucket List Coach


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