#InternationalSurferday- Largest Surfing Board- Huntington Beach

Wow another cool video on #InternationalSurferday… Saturday in Huntington Beach on lookers came out to check out one of the largest surf boards! A 42 foot surfboard, 66 people and  over 1300 pounds-surfs up baby!

I thought the largest Monopoly game was cool, now this is amazing, right?                               

Long-time Huntington Beach surfer Gary Sahagen had a prediction about how the world record attempt to get the most people riding one wave would go down. “It’s either going to be spectacular, or a spectacle,” Sahagen said, before joining 66 other surfers crammed onto a 42-foot board on the south side of the Huntington Beach Pier.

 Go to ocregister to

largest surf board

Crossing my fingers they made the world record!

Happy Surfing! Counting the days, I will be there weekend of August 21/22nd!

Cindy Bucket List Coach


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