Cal Auto Museum-Mustang Vs Camaro Exhibit

Mustang vs. Camaro: What Side Are You On?

stang cam

Has there ever been a rivalry more discussed, more analyzed, or more enjoyed than the Ford Mustang versus the Chevrolet Camaro? Come and decide for yourself which car deserves your loyalty and admiration.

The California Automobile Museum will be displaying Mustangs and Camaros from throughout their years, comparing and contrasting the cars in good times — and in bad.

Mustang vs Camaro California Automobile Museum Exhibit Promo

These pony cars will be from the first generation in the 1960s and into modern-day Mustangs and Camaros. The competition between Mustang and Camaro goes beyond stock cars, however, and we will be featuring specialty vehicles of each as well.

Read more on the museum website: CLICK HERE!

I can’t wait to check this out sometime this summer!

Happy Bucket Listing! Cindy- Bucket List Coach


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