Are you traveling with your twin flame?

Creating a yearly budget for vacations is crucial for your relationship!

Did you know that must people spend anywhere from 250-$400 a month just on Starbucks? Too many times I have seen people divorce or break up due to not making quality time for that other person. There SHOULD NEVER be any excuses that you do not have the time or the money to create memories of amazing destinations around the world! And if you have children, you should world school them:) It is great the kids are learning the world’s history in the classroom, but there is nothing like traveling the world and “world Schooling” your kids! Experience the culture…

world book venice

“The world is book, and those who do not travel only read one page”

Experience all you can.. After all the world is your oyster… So grab life by the horns!!

vacays amercians

Its crazy amercians  only take half of their paid vacation!

Really silly-CLICK HERE

The more you vacation the more sturdy and exciting your relationship will be, it will never go stagnant! And did you know the more you vacation, the less chance of heart decease and when you return to work you are 100% more productive…

Now on to learning about the Twin Flame!….couple grapes In my past career. I did aphrodisiac meals for couples- so had to learn about the twin flames:)

As a matter of fact, I have been researching for 30 years and I am in the midst of finishing my book by the end of the year! Stay tuned for book launch dates in La, San Diego, Scottsdale, Vegas and San Francisco to start!

For those who would like to know what Twin Flame” means… A Twin flame is a spiritual (esoteric or New Age) concept describing a special soul connection between two souls. The twin flames are thought to be a template for an ancient/eternal type of relationship between lovers.[1] The fundamental thought behind this concept is that the dawning new era in human spiritual evolution will be a time when relationships foster enhanced spiritual growth between lovers, whereas in previous times and still early in the 21st century couples stayed together for purposes of physical survival and economical safety more than anything else. According to the mythology of twin flames, in the beginning of time we were created from one source,[2] that was split into smaller and smaller units down to two souls (and on rare occasions, halves of one soul) that would journey to Earth to learn and experience duality. They would reincarnate over lifetimes with this longing for each other.[3]

Many confuse the twin flame with soul mates (any significant relation), and the rare split soul. Also, some theorists accept that this is not a relationship that can be experienced once in all life cycles only, but repeats over several. However, most take it as a sign of spiritual enlightenment and a sign of evolution. Despite these differing views, the twin flame concept is still very much tied to monogamous ideals, and the thought that only graduate souls have twin flames on Earth, as their purpose is to do spiritual work and energy work to help the Planet. However, that does not mean a twin flame relationship is idealistic, as Soul mate relationships are often more harmonious; twin flames go through a lot of cleansing and purging of the chakras and energy system. With true Twin Flames, the connection is so intense that it causes fear and many of them initially run from the experience (the twin flame runner)

Ready to book that vacation?  Love to help you:)                       Keep calm- and travel on! Cindy- Bucket List Coach


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