Vitamin Sea Trip: Capitola June 5, 2015

LOL Mid life crisis in a good way! I want to see and do everything in the world I always wanted.

I really enjoyed the trip to Capitola, and now will be partaking in swimming lessons so I can learn how to surf. Scary but gotta just go for things in life!  “Do something every day that scars you!

Capitola june 5 surf up

Best Escape Anyone Can Have!!!! (BEACH)
Learning all about Surfing, The history of Santa Cruz and Capitola: #Bucketlist items.  I will be adding the recipes to the recipe vault here on this blog!

And for the foodie-got to try some grub at “Pizza My Heart”! See next post about this amazing pizza joint!

Next trip will be the weekend of the 19th and I will be posting more o the history of this amazing beach city!

Prepared gourmet Vitamin Sea inspired menu for Lunch! Sexy Crab with freshly prepared mango-avocado salsa

and a fun ocean themed desert.capitola june 5th lunch

Capitola june 5 kiddos

How amazing to be enjoying a great day at the beach and run into kiddos paying it forward on Pay It Forward Friday!

Can’t go anywhere with out my little blue sign!!!!!

Capitola june 5 me sea Capitola june standing



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