Daily Rituals: Anthony Robbins Hour Of Power

NO MORE FEARS!!!!! No matter what it is, the new Cindy… is fearless! And I am sticking to routine:)

Every thing in life is about Rituals right?  In life, Business and Relationships! I hour talk with Tony, but worth listening too!tony robbins 2

Do you :should all over your self”?

Are you writing down what you are grateful for every morning that you wake up? Do you walk or run every day? Work out daily?

Break down of the hour of power:

(1) First thing when you get up,  write and recite what you are grateful for daily!

(2) Go for a walk: Recite I am statements and incantations! ( Create affirmations for what you want for the future) My entire walk

(3) Work out daily! I like to walk in the morning then workout in early evening!

Take the shoulds and make them a must! Consistency is what will make your relationship work! I am making a lot of changes in my life… Better relationship, better health, better business, better friend, better daughter, better sister- etc!

Make things in your life a must!!! Change you limiting beliefs! Get your beliefs aligned! Get yourself in absolute certainly!!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Bucket List Coach


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