Surfing, Skydiiving & Conquiering Fears

Shooting video series of #Capitola #Surfingtips #Skydivertips… Is it Friday yet? I got a #Loveaffair with #VitaminSea there is no doubt.  The Sea and the beach just does something to me! A feeling of euphoria, just like eating a sexy meal, driving a muscle car or helping a person in need! And by my 55th- I will buying a property in Capitola as well as San Felipe Mexico! Then Belize, Guatemala, San Diego, Puerta Vallarta, Ft Lauderdale etc! Are you reciting your daily Affirmations and I am statements! Train your subconscious mind, what you want and you will accomplish anything! Tenacity and positive energy is key!

Interviewing a avid Surfer on overcoming fears and will learn all about overcoming fears of skydiving. Hope to interview my friend who owns a skydive biz in #Watsonville

ocean stirs

See you at Capitola or one of the beaches of the world! Love me some #EarthPorn!!!  You bet I am terrified, but gotta take some baby steps starting this weekend! Not a great swimmer- but will conquer all 3 fears by the new year!  Next on #Bucketlist is to register for a swimming class! No more excuses for you either! Life is too short, just DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me capitola

C Ya at one of the beaches of the world!  Ciao Baby~  Cindy Bucket List Coach


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