My Visit to San Felipe Mexico

From So Calif: Take Interstate 8 to Interstate 98 to the border at Mexicali. About 2- 1/2 hours from the border.

Last weekend of May 17/18- 2015 took a road trip down to San Felipe Mexico. As I am on my last leg of the 40’s, time to think about retirement investments.   R Mac Real Estate company out of Orange County in California, has some amazing lots about 45 minutes to an hour from San Felipe. My plans are to build a Hostel down town and also build a house at Rancho Costa Verde- the development with R Mac.

A little history on this town:  In the Gulf of California- Sea Of Cortez. San Felipe started in 1916, surround by both  desert and sea, a sports fishing community, very well known for shrimp and all the amazing foodie festivals that take place there.  Baja is the largest peninsula in the world! “Natures Playground”

Check out the Molecon on the weekend. (Beach Front)                                                                                                                                                                          Restaurants, Sports Bars, 24/7 Pharmacy,  Modern Gas Stations, People playing music at the boardwalk, street vendors selling Churros, Fresh Corn on the Cob, OMG and gotta try the Shrimp Cocktail!  Check this website for all the festivals to partake in:   You will be flirting with culinary ecstasy!

The most exciting part of the trip was getting to chat with the creator of “Fettuccine Alfredo”.  He is now in his mid 80’s but what amazing culinary journey he has had. In his career he worked 17 hours a day- wow I remember those days myself.

Are you a racing enthusiast?   You will love San Felipe… Nothing like racing a buggy on the baja coast!

I will be heading back down soon to do more research. You should join me:)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Call me and I will connect you to the tour guide 916 869 2049. Buy some property in San Felipe!

Cindy Bucket List Coach

Start marking off that bucket list!!

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