The Baja/Cabo Wide Open- Yet another bucket list item in the arsenal

baja cabo open

Last week an old friend turned me on to a really awesome Bucket List item. As you all know I am trying to do as much Bucket List stuff by my 50th! And since this year I turn 50. Im gonna crazy having fun bucket listing!

As a young lady, way back in the day, my Dad fabricated his own Dune Buggy and boy did I totally dig driving in it. Since I heard about the Baja and Cabo Wide Open, I have not been able to sleep. Telling everyone I know about this truly amazing Bucket List item.

I was super excited when I first heard about the excursion and the adrenaline juices gave me some major chills.  Guess you could say I was a bit of a tom boy as a kid.  But Cars has always been a passion of mine since first riding in my Dad’s buggy!  Perfect for the next time I take a Ensenada Cruise or a vacay to Cabo!


Since 1997, WIDE OPEN Excursions has provided guests and corporate clients with the world’s most unique and adrenaline-filled adventure opportunity. Their vision: To share the joy of high-performance off-road driving and the unspoiled beauty of the Baja peninsula, which were previously accessible only for the adventurous lucky few.

Partake in a tour: 4 day, 3 day, 1 Day Lunch, 1/2 a day and 1/3 day lunch.

Read more click HERE!                                                                                                                                                                

Contact them… Cabo San Lucas: (624) 105-0500   Ensenada: (646) 120-1243   Reno: (949) 635-2292

Happy Dune Buggying! ~Cindy- Bucket List Coach


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