The Liebster Award–A Network For New Bloggers

Very cool award for Bloggers!!! Happy Blogging- Cindy Bucket List Coach


It was about a month ago.  It was early in the morning, and I was checking my e-mails when I noticed a notification that mentioned, “The Exercise Hitlist was now following my blog”.  This ALWAYS makes my day when I get new followers.  🙂  I checked some more e-mails, which notified me that “The Exercise Hitlist liked this post, and that post”, and in other e-mails “The Exercise Hitlist commented on this post and that post”. (many comments awaiting moderation).  🙂  WOW, this was like a blog reading marathon!  🙂

Obviously very intrigued, the next thing I did was check out this person’s blog.  Who is this person behind “The Exercise Hitlist”? Where is she or he from?  What is this “Exercise Hitlist?” Well, I fell in love with this blog right away.  It was very creative.  Beth is the mastermind behind this blog.  She comes from Australia.  She is an Exercise Psychologist…

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