Guy Fieri’s Restaurants

ahi tacos

Once a Chef always a Chef!   The culinary arts will always be my first love!  Since the 90’s I have been a fan of Food Network and gotta love Chef Guy! An amazing outrageous style!

There is nothing like authentic. Nothing beats the real thing. Cars can’t fake fast, guitars can’t fake rock and roll, and no one can fake the feel-good flavors of American cuisine. Read more of his story CLICK HERE!

I plan to travel to New York next year as a part of my 50th Birthday Bucket List Journey. How cool would it be to interview him.. After all he is a bay area kid! I have dined at Johnny Garlics, Tex Wasabi in Sacramento and Vegas on the strip!  And can’t wait to hit the Big Apple!!

CLICK HERE-:GUY IS ON FIRE! Check out all his restaurants!

 CLICK HERE to suggest a Restaurant for Diners, Drive Ins and Dives!

Happy Grubbing! Cindy- Bucket List Coach


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