Difference bewteen Time Shares and my Travel Club!

Difference between the Travel Club and a Time Share: The biggest difference is the Price Tag baby!

greece 2Time Shares

You buy into a program that entitles you to the use of a condo, hotel room, residence, or “villa” for an “interval” of time every year. The minimum interval is usually a week, but you can buy as many weeks as you wish.
Although you generally buy into a specific location, most programs allow you to trade your interval for a different location, different times, or both. Some of the larger exchange systems provide access to intervals in hundreds of different individual buildings. Typically, you use “points,” based on the purchase price, to determine the quality and time available to you at other locations.
The buy-in price from a timeshare developer/operator can be as low as $5,000 or as high as $350,000. In addition, you pay some combination of annual “dues,” occupancy charges for the time you actually spend at a facility, and maintenance fees.
In some programs, your ownership is permanent, like real estate; in others, ownership expires after a set number of years or upon your death.
With most programs, if you want to get out, it’s up to you to sell your ownership for whatever you can get for it. A few upscale programs, however—the ones you pay$ 8- $300,000 or so to get started.

My Travel Club Membership:

No brainier- Only a one time buy in of $200 ( Never have to pay it again) And $50 a month that you get rewarded for after 12 months!  And you buy in is rewarded to you the minute you join! You entire investment is rewarded to you in Travel. It’s your vacation piggy bank!  You also get rewarded when you dine out and shop online. The online shopping mall includes, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, 1800 Flowers, best buy etc. Places you shop at already and no crazy holiday long lines! The best part is having your own websites to book flight, hotel, vacation homes, cruises, car rentals and get rewarded in travel money! I am able to travel soo much because I use my website, shop online and eat out! And when I need to book a reservation and want to know some cool excursion I call the complementary Concierge!


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Happy Wanderlusting! Cindy Bucket List Coach


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