Fun activities and Dancing on the Carnival Imagination! Nov. 2014

Very cool stuff… Telling you- gotta travel more- Life too short! I never laughed soo hard OMG.  Yup think I will go again in the Spring- Might as well, I earn trips- Sooo no brainer! Cindy- Bucket List Coach

Hairy Chest Contest-: 

                   I knew I should of jumped on stage for the Contest as a Judge!!!! ! Next one for sure! I try to to vacay every 2-4 months!  I always have a blast on Carnival. And meet amazing and fun people! After all- life suppose to be about Joy and living not existing! Laughter is the best policy! Always a blast on the lido deck!

Chef Garde Manger- doing his thing! Ice Carving Talent-:  


 Chef Garde Manger Rock Star!

Chef Garde Talented!

Not sure what Garde Manger means?  In the restaurant industry basically means ” Cold Food Kitchen”! The person in charge of this area is known as the chef garde manger or Pantry chef Larger hotels and restaurants may have garde manger staff perform additional duties, such as creating decorative elements of buffet presentation like ice carving and edible centerpieces made from materials such as cheese, Thai fruit and vegetable carvings, butter, salt dough or tallow.

My peeps busting a move to the “Wobble”-:

Last year in Puerto Vallarta was when I first heard of this dance… Gotta hit my friends Dance Studio here in my home town- Sooo I can tear it up on my next vacation adventure.

Wobble” is the second single of rapper V.I.C. from his debut album Beast. The single was produced by Mr. Collipark. Before recording this song, he made a track called “Wobble (Skit)” to introduce the song “Wobble”. Both tracks are in the album. Atlanta’s V-103 former radio personality Frank Ski is featured on the song on the intro and bridge, but isn’t credited as a featured artist. The song finally made its debut on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart at number 89 on June 2, 2011, almost three years after its release, and has since peaked at number 77. It went on to debut at number 94 on the US Billboard Hot 100 on January 7, 2012.


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