Travel Club for ages 18-25 -Get paid for your Bucket List

A few years ago the owners of my travel club decided to launch a program for those from the ages of 18-25.  Especially if you are a college student or you are a parent who is paying for college.

Parents Testimonials:

And a great way to bond together is by taking a Voluntour watch the video! Take a look at a video done on CBS television> 


I have 45k in Culinary School Loans and now I am finally getting them payed off! What an amazing feeling to get them payed off!

Over the last couple days I got some referrals for some kids who are started up in the club to make it easier on the family finances.  And I will be traveling the Unites States to present this to college students! First staring at Chico State down to San Diego to New York and Florida!

TAKE A LOOK AT OUR BROCHURE-CLICK HERE & if  Have you any questions- fill out the form below!


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