Fun at Dinner Time on the Carnival Imagination: November 2014

Soo many reason why I joined the amazing travel club.. Yes, get killer deals from Flights, to Vacations, to Cruises and Vacation Homes… But more important it’s all about the relationships and travel buddies we meet through our club!  This trip cost about the cost of 1-2 Starbucks Coffee a day for one month!

I highly suggest when you book a Carnival Cruise that you arrange for the early dinner so you can enjoy all the fun activities they offer! Watch some more videos for some fun activities!

Cindy- Bucket List Coach

The Crew singing- Leaving On Cruise Ship-:

HA HA LOST my voice! Very very awesome time… Best server ever! Can’t wait to come back and see who my next server will be!  Although I worked on a ship several years back and made great friends. Nothing like being a passenger!

GRUBBIN on Carnival:


Unlimited Lobster Galore- night!  AND Ya baby Food Porn Chocolate Molten Cake!



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