Voluntour in Ensenada: November 3 2014

Love to travel but nothing makes me feel more fulfilled then donating my time to an orphanage! On November 3rd, I gathered a few friends to join me on the $69 Dollar Cruise and we made a visit while in Ensenada to the Rancho El Milagro  Home and spent some time with the children of this orphanage!  Several years back I joined this amazing Travel club and had the pleasure of meeting Jeff with the Dream Missions Organization.

I am a volunteer for his Organization and head up the Ensenada Orphanage run. This year was our first one- thanks to Instagram I was able to meet George with the Corazon de Vida Foundation. He was able to connect us to the Orphanage.  I am forever grateful!

Love to have you on the next one… We also have Kenya, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and more..

I working to get us out to the Philippines and Belize!

Connect with me at my other email at wvteampif@gmail.com

Or call me at 707-297-9222 or 702-529-2049

Cindy- Bucketlist Coach

sara dm9 sara dm 1 sara dm2 dream msiions nov 14 dt food dt costco candid dt hugo dt overlander dt me kiddos cut kid kids swing


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