Cancun Card- Great idea for contest winner or key client

cancun imageClick Here To See The Cost The Join The Club

When you join the Travel Club you will have access to purchase one of these cards for only $2.00. You can choose to pay the total price of $200 or give the card to your client and they pay the $200. (Hotel and Mexico Taxes)

The Recipient will have to pay flight to Cancun. Look for flights at


This is a Great way to take a trip for less than $200 for 2 people.  This would also be a great idea for a trip for you and your significant other! I’m awarding a friend this trip! Can’t wait to go in 2015.

Very doable vacation for 5 days in Cancun.

How this works: Once the recipient has received the card they will enter the code that’s on of the back of the card- into the Cancun Card and b website and book the trip!

Connect with me for more info!

916-869-2049 702-529-3256 707-297-9222


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