Testimonials for The Rovia Booking Site- Post Yours

Go to my full list of testimonials CLICK HERE!!!!

Just wanted to say a big THANKS! Thanks to those who have used my travel services…  Post your testimonial below!  Like to learn more?bucketlistandbarefoot@gmail.com awards again Bucket List Coach 702-529-3256



To all my Peeps who joined my Fun and Fabulous Travel Club! Lots of value using my resource. Not only do we get great hookups on Flights, Hotels, Cruises and Excursions. We get rewarded!!!

INQUIRY:  Email me for more info at bucketlistandbarefoot@gmail.com (Let’s schedule a meeting so you can learn more!)

(1) CUSTOMER ONLY: ( Keep in mind you don’t have to be a member to book travel. Just go to http://www.bucketlistjetsetter.com – Book as guest and go!)

(2) MEMBER: Become a member and reap the benefits or become a                           MEMBER/BUSINESS OWNER: You can start a fun- rewarding travel business.

(3) BENEFITS: Do you like to travel, dine and shop!  As a member of the club I have my very own travel booking site and also ability to shop a variety of retailers on my online mall at http://www.dt.buyofbuys.com. ( Take a peak)

Great incentives to get people to travel and use the online mall more often!

  •  When members book travel on their own website they accumulate travel dollars.
  • When members use the online mall for local and national retailers such as nail salons, hairdressers, gym memberships, dining, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Lowes etc they accumulate travel dollars.
  •  When members dine at a restaurant that is listed in the online mall, they get 50% back in travel dollars!
  • I also have access to a complimentary concierge that I can utilize 24-7 up to 5 times a day- from wake up calls to making reservations to kid’s home-work questions!  This service has made my life less chaotic.
  • As a retailer of the online mall the cost to you is complimentary. Just decide what special deal you would like to provide to our members and we can get you started!  Let’s schedule a time to meet in the near future.

4 responses to “Testimonials for The Rovia Booking Site- Post Yours

  1. Congratulations to Dream Trips Vacation Club for being Recognized by the WTA as North Americas Leading Vacation & Travel Organization! I have used their services twice and was helped by bucketlistandbarefoot. She was able to assist me in finding flights on 2 separate occasions and for a very great Price. If your looking for Great Destinations, planning a Vacation, looking to get away with that Special Someone or even looking to Fulfill one of your Dreams on your own Bucket List, I highly Recommend their Assistance and Services !!!
    Robert A. Irizarry

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