About Zip Car-Zip Card

Paying it forward to Zip Car.. Thought this was pretty cool. My travel business has car rentals on the website but with zip car- you can just get a car for an hour or two. Ideal for business owners…                                                                                                                                 Enjoy their video… Happy Driving! Cindy ~Bucket List Coach

Read below…

http://pixvid.me/knowzipcar For the non-Zipcar users out there, we put together some nifty videos to help your first drive be a success. Have a question? Have no fear. Your co-pilot is always there to help. Located in the glove box of every Zipcar, this handy guide helps you become a Zipcar expert on your first ride.

Let’s start with the basics: Getting to know your Zipcar.
Each car in our fleet is a little different so take a moment whenever you try out a new vehicle and follow these five basic steps.

1. Your Zipcard locks and unlocks the car. Hold your Zipcard over the little box in the upper corner of the car’s windshield and wait for the beep.
2. Wizards make it happen.
3. Check for damage before you start the car. Walk around the outside of the car looking for any damage or scratches that may have been left by previous users. Call us immediately if you find anything significant.
4. Leave the keys inside: they’re permanently attached to the steering column. You shouldn’t be able to take them with you, but even if you can, don’t. Your Zipcard is the key to unlocking and locking your Zipcar.
5. Adjust mirrors, controls and seatbelt before you drive. Safety is important.

Follow these easy steps and you should be off and zipping in no time flat.

To sign up for Zipcar and get rolling today, click the link above.


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