Topic of the Day-Subject of activity I have knowledge about: 5 Reasons you need to Vacation more!

What’s a subject or activity you’ve got a lot of knowledge around?

The 5 reasons you need to Vacation more: marival outside


Vacation more–

  • You will be more productive at work
  • You will have a spicier relationship
  • Your depression and bad moods will go away
  • You can have more bonding time with your spouse/kids
  • You will have less chance of heart decease and chronic illnesses

I have noticed the more I vacation the more relaxed and happy I am. Plus it’s fun getting to know all about all the culture the world has to offer.  And the people I have met on my travels- that’s the best part.  Especially new friends I have met through staying in hostels.   Don’t make excuses like I don’t have the time of money, just book it and go!

Keep in mind, if you can buy Starbucks a couple times a day you can save money for vacation. Its all about priorities baby! 

Married? Just like paying for mortgage, groceries,  utilities, child care etc- vacation should always be a part of the family budget!

Single? If you are single you have mortgage, groceries utilities, night life etc… Make vacation a part of your budget. Perhaps go out less and save more for a vacation.  Plus- it’s a  great way to meet people that have the same interested as you!

Let’s do some bucket list stuff together?                                                                                                                                                 The world is our oyster!  Cindy- Bucket List Coach


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