Yosemite for “Holiday with the Chefs”- {Bucket-List Stuff}

bucketchef holiday

 ARE YOU LOOKING FOR SOMETHING FUN TO DO?                                                                                                                                                     This holiday season go to the  Yosemite- Chefs Holiday Series. Need helping booking it, I am here to help you!

Click here to see my full Bucket-List!

Whats on your bucket list! Mine is getting bigger and bigger! And being that 2015 is my 50th Birthday year… It will be a full year of marking off  bucket list item after bucket list item!

Like to join us on a trip- let’s plan it!                                                                                                                                                  Cindy Bucket-List Coach


3 responses to “Yosemite for “Holiday with the Chefs”- {Bucket-List Stuff}

    • Awesome Susan… I do a lot of voluntours perhaps we can meet in Guatemala in the future! Look at the Voluntour page at the top of this Blog. Have an amazing day! And one of my dreams in to own a hostel in several countries so I can be there full-fulling my dream of helping kids in need! Cindy- Bucket List Coach


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