Topic of the Day: In Fours>Take a 4 City – New Year Vacay

What 4 cities would you pick for a fun a fabulous New year Vacation?

  • New Years Eve ( Vegas) Richard Petty driving experience, fun painting and enjoying vino (, zip on Freemon street and a night out on the town bring in the new year! Single? They are several Hostels in down town Vegas that offer pub crawls…
  • New Orleans : Enjoy a cooking class, have fun in the french quarter and take a cemetery tour.
  • Miami. Sky Dive over the ocean, take a salsa class, Coral Castle museum, dinner cruise and of course out on the town in South Beach!
  • Nashville: Visit the Parthenon, visit the Honky Tonk Highway, Grand Ole Opry and  just enjoy all fun Nashville has to offer… Great people, great food and one of the most amazing cities in the US!

 happy new year

Cindy- Bucket-List Coach


6 responses to “Topic of the Day: In Fours>Take a 4 City – New Year Vacay

  1. Ooo, I’d have to think about this. There are a lot of places that I’d love to visit for various reasons. I love your idea of skydiving over Miami.


  2. Wow! That opens up a can of worms! Decisions, decisions! Nashville is definitely on my list, but so is Branson, MO. Vegas has too many people for me. I’d like someplace more quiet and quaint, I think. Love this idea though.


  3. Ohhh, I like all of yours. I’m guessing these are for different years? Imagine trying to mash all of them into one week-long New Years vacation? I’d need another week to recuperate. 🙂 To yours I’d add, Boston to walk the streets and see the sights of our (USA) beginning, The Grand Canyon , not sure exactly what city that is, Salt Lake City, to view the temple and spend time floating while upright in the Salt Lake (if that’s still allowed), Paducah Kentucky, to visit the store and classroom of Eleanor Burns, and Golden Colorado, fun in the mountains, and a visit to the museum that includes a display of quilts made by men. Mine would be a little quieter than yours, maybe I can alternate, one year a quiet one, the next year an exciting one?


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