National Vodka Day!

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Today is National Vodka Day!

What a better way to spend a Saturday than sampling and celebrating one of the most popular beverages!

Facts about Vodka

  • According to the website National Vodka Day vodka comes from the Russian word voda which means water.
  • Clear vodka is very popular, however flavored vodka is readily available.  Some more interesting flavors are Pinnacle’s Rainbow Sherbet, Alaska Distillery Smoked Salmon, Van Gogh PB&J Vodka, and 360’s Buttered Popcorn Vodka.
  • Vodka is the world’s top selling spirit
  • Vodka can be used to liven up wilting flowers!  Check out this video to see.

And here is a video that gives you even more interesting facts about vodka.

Now, to really celebrate National Vodka Day you need to sample some right?  Well, here at Retro Party Central we really want to help you out so here are a few cocktail recipes to get…

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